The Rendacon Animation Film Festival is a vibrant gathering of talented animators from around Africa, coming together to celebrate the art of animation. This event is a captivating showcase of creativity and innovation in the world of animated filmmaking.

This is the third edition of Rendacon with the Theme "Navigating the Jungle of Animation" which will take place on the 6th and 7th of March 2024 at the Ebonnylife Event Centre. At Rendacon, animators have the unique opportunity to present their masterpieces on the big screen, captivating audiences with their unique storytelling and visual brilliance. 

It's a platform for both seasoned professionals and emerging talents to share their works, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections in the animation industry.

This festival isn't just about screenings; it's a dynamic hub for networking and collaboration. Animators, producers, and enthusiasts can engage in lively discussions, workshops, and panel sessions, offering insights into the ever-evolving animation landscape.

Whether you're a fan of animation or a creator in the field, the Rendacon Animation Film Festival promises to be a melting pot of inspiration and a celebration of the incredible world of animated storytelling.


For three (3) years, Lagos Comic Con, in collaboration with Musteredseed Communications, has been the organising force behind the Rendacon Animation Film Festival. This dynamic sister event is a testament to our commitment to celebrating creativity in all its forms.

Lagos Comic Con is the ultimate gathering for enthusiasts of animation, comics, gaming, literature, and all things geeky. It's 11th edition, held on September 23, 2023, at the Landmark Event Center, was a spectacle to remember. It brought together a diverse and talented community, including animators, comic artists, authors, game developers, and passionate cosplayers. We also had the honor of hosting special guests who are luminaries in the creative industry.

Lagos Comic Con is more than an event; it's a celebration of the boundless potential of the human imagination. Year after year, it showcases the transformative power of art and the passionate individuals who fuel this imaginative realm.

As Lagos Comic Con and Rendacon Animation Film Festival continue their remarkable journey, we remain beacons of inspiration for the ever-expanding world of geek culture.


Our vision is to cultivate a thriving animation industry in Africa, starting in Nigeria. 
Through our Animators' Directory, we aim to connect talents and creators, fostering a vibrant ecosystem. This directory serves as a hub for networking, allowing animators to find like-minded individuals and seize opportunities for collaboration. By nurturing a sense of community, we foster awareness about the vast potential within African animation. 
As we grow the market and talent pool, we are not only nurturing creativity but also unlocking economic prospects. Together, we're scripting a future where African animation stands proudly on the global stage, captivating audiences and celebrating the diversity of voices and cultures that make this continent truly remarkable.


Ayodele Elegba, known as the Dreammaker in Nigeria's comic and animation industry, is a prominent figure and currently serves as the President of the Association of Comic Book Makers of Nigeria. He initiated his career as a comic writer in 1999 with "Dark Edge" and briefly ventured into the Nigerian TV and movie industry, scripting for various productions. Elegba has played a pivotal role in shaping the Nigerian comic landscape, creating popular titles and characters like Strikeguard, Vantage, Boxsa, Jinx, Central Attack, and Voyager, with Boxsa gaining international recognition and a live-action TV series in development.

In 2008, Elegba established Comicpanel Magazine to promote and honor comic creators in Nigeria, offering a digital version for download. His efforts led to the founding of the Lagos Comic Convention in 2012, an event that grew from 300 attendees in its first year to over 6,000 in 2022. Elegba is also the Festival Director of Rendacon Animation Film Festival, aiming to support Nigerian animators and producers.

Elegba has a notable portfolio in animation, directing and producing acclaimed short films like "Lost Dreams," "Strikeguard," and "Voyager," as well as television animated series including "When I Grow Up" and "Area Daddy." He's a regular participant in global animation festivals, such as Annecy Film Festival, where he successfully pitched his series "Area Daddy," pioneering a co-production between Nigeria and France.

As the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Spoof Animation, an indigenous animation studio with a diverse team, Elegba works on both African and global brands. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Advertising and Public Relations and actively shares his knowledge by mentoring young creatives and participating in events around the world.